Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Peek into Fall

Sweater: Target $3
Shirt: Target $2
Belt: $1
Jeans: Forever 21 $11
Boots: Sway $22
Purse: "gift" from Mr. Shopfreak

We were planning to go into the city and since there was a chance of rain, I got to wear a fall outfit!  I'm usually not into any season besides summer, but since I've been seeing so many cute fall and winter outfits, I'm kinda excited to remix my closet for colder weather. 

I am a huge bargain shopper, but I do have one item that I tend to splurge on: purses! I don't go too crazy though and its usually for a special occasion: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Birthday or Christmas :)  I love Michael Kors' Hamilton purse and this snakeskin design was my favorite so when I found it, I bought  it even though it was more than my usual splurge budget. I have a brown one as well but the price I paid for both was probably less than half the actual retail price so I was happy.
Now I just I have to use it more, but that's the story of my life..

This year has not been going too well for my purse collection. When I find a purse, I do my usual price stalking on Shopstyle so I can wait for a good deal. I was watching a striped Kate Spade purse and it was at a price point that was a little higher than I wanted to pay. I was lucky enough to find one at a store front to check out in person and was planning to go ahead and buy it online as soon as the price was lowered again. The next time I checked the website, it was sold out! I called the storefront and the purse I just looked at was sold the day before. I guess it was not meant to be.  :(

So this past Tuesday, I was contemplating another Kate Spade purse during the sample sale and was stalking it again. I kept checking it out over the course of the day. After work, I even had the purse in my shopping cart and then took the kids out for ice cream. After watching the Amazing Race, I decided to get it as an anniversary present from my husband. But, lo and behold, this one was sold out again! BOOOOOO! I should have learned my lesson, but it's just hard for me to commit when I'm splurging. 

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Flor said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog :)
Am I reading that right? That belt was $1? Holy smokes! Talk about a bargain! It looks so good with that sweater.. wow, you really are a good bargain shopper!
I love your style, I'm hoping your bargain shopping skills will rub off on me :)

Meagan said...

This is so cute and what great prices!!