Friday, September 9, 2011

If it's not on my blog, I didn't wear it

Plans: Work
Skirt: Old Navy $2
Shirt: Macy's
Bracelet: Old Navy: 47 cents!
Shoes: Payless $5

“I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit 
on an insignificant day.”

Found this quote on another blog and I used to agree completely. I have clothes that have been waiting in my closet for a LONG time, waiting for vacation or an occasion when I'd see my friends, waiting for something. So now, if I take a picture for my blog, maybe that'll be enough to get these clothes out of hibernation. There is such satisfaction in wearing my clothes!

I don't remember the cost of my shirt, but it's been in my closet forever. With the exception of my shirt, my total cost of my outfit is $7.47!  Not bad for clothes that all came from mall stores, not a thrift store. 

I should have done a closeup of my $0.47 bracelet. Sooo cute. It has pearls on one side and some chains braided with blue striped ribbon on the other.  Love how accessories add that little detail that bring an outfit together. 


Amy said...

You got your skirt for $2?! Dang, that's amazing. Cute outfit, I love that you posted an outfit picture again, too. Does that mean I really did inspire you? Ha, jk!

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

I TOTALLYYYYYYY identify with that quote!! Starting a blog definitely helps relieve that fear a little, but man...I totally get it. Hahaha.

Audrey @ Putting Me Together

Denise Pacurar said...

Lovely skirt! GREAT FIND!!!!

I love your blog and style!

I'm a new follower :)

xoxo Denise