Saturday, September 3, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Fancy Shoes

Plans: brunch and errands
Dress: Marshalls $5 
Belt: Marshalls $5
Shoes: Payless $8 

So I'm pretty impressed with myself that this outfit costs $18 total! 
But, really, everything had tags on it? 

We had to wear "sunday shoes" for this challenge, so I picked these cute red polka dot ones. I've been looking for red shoes forever and these are fairly comfy.  
Now I just need to find a cute red purse....


Amy said...

Love the red polka dot shoes! I love the color red and really wish I could wear it, but alas, redheads and red just don't go together!

greengirl said...

Sooo cute! Love the white dress and can't believe it was only $5, only you! Love the red polka dot shoes, red shoes are the best! said...

Cuteee! I love polka dots and on shoes it's even better. :) And holy cow your entire outfit was amazingly cheap but definitely looks like you spent more.

shopfreak said...

Just linked this outfit to "I got dressed on a dime"