Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wear It Wednesday: Long Skirt

Plans: Work
Ruffle Shirt: Loft $20
Skirt: Express circa 1993
Belt: Old Navy $1
Shoes: Payless

Just found another challenge blog and thought I would take part. At Distinct. Style.Innovation, they do a weekly "wear*it Wednesday" challenge where you can email them your pic to be featured. Click over to see me and other fellow long skirt wearers!

This is another circa 1993 skirt that I have and its been forever since I've worn it. It used to be one of my favorites back then because its so comfortable and I love the color.  I also loved this ruffle shirt and didn't want to miss out on it if I waited for it to go on sale even more. Sometimes you just have to splurge! 

Yay for my newbie belt! I've been wanting to wear it and I'm sure I'll get more use out of it this fall. Love finding cheap cute belts! 

I'm on the lookout for more fashion challenges..It's my 21 Day Challenge withdrawal in effect...

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Bravoe Runway said...

I had that skirt from Express in navy blue!!! But I think I donated are so good for keeping it and it is in such great condition. Wondering what the heck else I've donated since and has made a come back ;)