Friday, September 23, 2011

Mini Closet Makeover

Maybe one day....
Photo credit: Pinterest

I recently wanted to add a double skirt rack under some hangers to maximize space in my closet. As I was strategizing my plan of action, I decided to reorganize my L-shaped closet so that I had easier access to my dresses instead of my pants. I wear dresses way more than pants so I'm so happy with my decision.

As a result of my mini closet makeover:
1) I found lots of dresses I forgot about. I decided to return some sundresses I just bought and I vow to be very selective before bringing another dress into my closet. We'll see how that goes :)
2) I made a new pile of folded bottoms for my shelves = more hanging space!
3) I changed some shirt hangers to the skinny velvet ones to maximize space.
4) I also changed some skirt hangers to skinnier hangers as well. The clips on my old skirt hangers took up 2x the horizontal space.
5) I moved some luggage out of the closet = more space for my purses

After all these changes, I didn't need to create the double rack after all!

If you are looking to do some changes to your closet, check out Kendi's closet series for more food for thought. Also, check out Dulce Candy's closet! It's soo pretty!


Bravoe Runway said...

Oooooo I dream of a closet this fab and grandeur. One with an island and a chandelier in it!

shopfast said...

Is this your closet???? LOVE it!

shopfreak said...

shopfast: I wish it were mine..I got the pic from pinterest...

Claire said...

i gave my closet a makeover about a year ago but it's about time again to go through it and organize!