Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashion Reality

Plans: Shopping
Romper: Contempo circa 1993!
Belt: freebie with dress
Fedora: JCPenney $2 in 2010

Since I'm off on Fridays, I love that I get to catch up on my reality shows that I don't watch with my husband.  I'm in reality heaven right now because I have breakfast watching some of my favorite shows ever because they mix both fashion and reality drama. 

Spoiler alert: I hate when I have shows recorded on DVR and then read about the episode before I get to watch it so if you haven't watched Rachel Zoe or Project Runway this week, stop reading now...

Rachel Zoe: I'm bummed that Brad is gone. I loved him, but it's sad that he tried to steal her clients away. Rachel is a little much for me, but I have to still watch! Jeremiah looks like he's going to be drama too. Her line is so her, really pretty & luxe pieces. 

Project Runway: Team Chaos had the cutest clothes! I'm surprised Anya won, even though she's my favorite. It's probably because the challenge was all about the printed fabric and she really does do pattern mixing well. I love her tough tribal style (and her accent :). My favorite this week was Viktor's evening gown. I loved the ink spotching that he did. His dress for Nina Garcia's challenge was so pretty too. My other fave is Kimberly.  I loved the neon dress that she wore when she won Nina's challenge. Hmm, maybe I like her personal style better than her design though. Her Nina outfit was cute, but can't think of any of the others.... Who are your favorites? 

Past season fave for me: MONDO!


Bravoe Runway said...

OK we must be about the same age and I thought you were like in your mid 20s! Contempo??? OMG...the store that was b4 wetseal came alive! LOL! Love the romper, and it looks great on you! I can only watch so much of the zoe report and I was surprised to hear how brad tried to take her clients! As for project runway, since Christian Siriano won, I've not watched the show...yikes!

Denise Pacurar said...

LOVE the fedora! You are so lucky you have Friday's off to relax and enjoy your favorite shows! I too love the fashion on many of those shows!!

xoxo Denise

Running on Happiness said...

Cute outfit! Does your hubby not let you watch reality shows when he's in the room either?

XO, Katie
Running on Happiness

shopfreak said...

Bravoe Runway: hope that it's a good thing that you thought I was in my 20s..I'm hoping I look like I'm in my 20's, not that my style is too young for my age!