Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finding the Deal!

Here are my tips for finding deals and getting the most out of your shopping budget:
  • Only buy on sale! Everything eventually goes on sale so I really try to start with the clearance racks first. If I find something I like that's not on sale, I'll add a note to my phone so I can watch for sales and buy later or...
  • Set a price alert on Shopstyle: When I find something I like and want to wait for a sale, I search for it on Shopstyle and create a sale alert. They'll email me when the item goes on sale! 
  • Go shopping often! You find the best deals when you are out and about so go out there often. Plus, walking is good exercise! Die hard shoppers will also know when stores will markdown their prices, but I'm just not that obsessed, yet!
  • Use coupons and check retailmenot for online coupons before buying. If you shop at Target, they have coupons on their website that when paired with clearance finds, ends up with free or really inexpensive clothes!
  • Sign up for email and facebook updates to get coupons via mail, email and FB. Create a free email account just for these emails so it won't clog up your inbox.
  • Buy only what you love: I learned this one over time. It's only a good deal if you love it and will wear it. Don't fall into the "it's only $5!" trap!
  • Set a budget and keep track! I have a monthly budget that helps keep us out of debt. I keep track of my spending on Yahoo notepad and it helps me see what I've bought for the month and if I've spent too much, I can decide what I really want to keep.
  • Buy the size that fits your body. Don't get caught up on the size of the item. Also don't buy the size that doesn't fit you as well because that's all that was left on clearance. 
  • Take pictures wearing your new finds. When you can see it actually on your body, you can make sure that it fits you well.  I just learned this from starting this blog.
A couple of these tips will be reminders for me as well, to be more decisive and careful with my money. I get caught up in the excitement of a good deal and sometimes buy things that I'm either lukewarm about or doesn't fit as well as it should. 

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