Friday, December 30, 2011

Do you Moto?

Dress: Forever 21 $24 2010?
Cuff: Torrid: free with bday offer (was $5)
Shoes: Bandolino $10

I bought this dress so long ago, but of course this is the first time it's seen the outside my closet. Part of the reason I wait so long is because my clearance buys are usually at the end of the season. When I take it home, my purchases are usually in limbo while I decide for sure if I want to keep it and/or wait to see if I find a better deal within the return period.
I'm just so indecisive at times!

Do you wear your clothing as soon as you buy it?

1 comment:

greengirl said...

Love it with the bracelet and shoes!!! I am the worst in the world ever about wearing my clothes as soon as I buy it. My excuses: (1) lazy to figure out what it goes with in my closet (2) gets thrown in a pile rather than put where it belongs... I suck