Monday, January 2, 2012


Cardigan $2 & Purse: Mervyns!
Tank & Belt: Forever 21 $2.50 each
Skirt: New York & Company

I still have clothes from Mervyns, that's how long I hold on to things. I also tend to buy in bulk especially when it's a good deal. I also have the cardi in a blue and maroon because they were only $2, can't beat that for clothes that won't go out of style! 

Do you ever buy multiples?

(I was pinned!)


Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

I always buy multiples! Especially at a price like $2--how can you not? I'm trying to cut down on how much I do that, though. Most of the time I'm glad I did, but sometimes I think, "I could have done without the second one." Learning to be wiser.

delightfully darling said...

I love the skinny belt over the cardigan, when I was a worker bee I would try to wear that look often. Once I start school next week, I am surely going to rock it again (and most likely be mistaken for the teacher!)

:) Teresa

greengirl said...

Love this color combination! Most definitely buy multiples... so easy and I'm so lazy.

shopfreak said...

@Audrey: I'm trying to be wiser too, so that there is more variety in my closet as well..