Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obsessed with Python

Sweater dress: Ross $8
Earrings: Old Navy <$3
Python Cuff:  c/o ShopLately 

I am obsessed with animal print, most especially python this season. Even though you can't find green python in nature, you can find it in my closet.. I also have a yellow python purse AND sandals. I'm equal opportunity here :)

I love how bold this cuff is, I built my whole outfit around it. I like to keep the outfit simple and feature one item at a time. I used a plain black purse as well so that all you really notice is:

Are you an animal print wearer?

Since my outfit was all black, I'm  using this as my monochrome outfit for 
Freckles in April's Winter Challenge. 

Freckles in April

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 ShopLately provided the cuff to me, but did not force feed the enthusiasm.


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Rebecca from See Me Rwar said...

Oh my goodness, that cuff is awesome! I always shy away from animal print, but that is the perfect way to spice up a look!

See Me Rwar

Kayla said...

LOVE that cuff. The pop of green against the black is phenom.

Freckles in April