Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Loving Neon

Dress: Marshalls $7
Purse: gifted from mr. shopfreak
Necklace: Torrid, free with bday coupon
Shoes: Madden girls $24 via Marshalls

I'm so loving this purse :)
 I'm not usually a neon type of girl, but you can't beat how unique and BRIGHT it is.
 I bought it for myself as a bday present from mr. shopfreak. It's wasn't too expensive
so I'll be on the lookout for more to add to my present. He still owes me a Christmas present and Valentine's day is around the corner so I'm excited for all the splurging to come!

The challenge today was to "brights" for
Freckles in April's Winter Challenge. How much brighter can I get?

Freckles in April


Merrick said...

I saw a purse just like that at Target the other day! Neons are definitely in this season and they are so fun!


Rebecca from See Me Rwar said...

Super jealous of that fabulous neon satchel! Adds such a fun pop of color!

See Me Rwar

Courtney said...

Wow - that purse is bright and fun. I don't think I've seen that color since my friends and I had shorts that color in about 1991


greengirl said...

So cute! Love the black and white maxiskirt also!