Monday, January 16, 2012


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I've seen so many cute outfits and accessories on blogs from thrifting.
I have bought a couple of purses and I keep looking for belts, but Goodwill is selling them for $5! I can find new ones for cheaper than that.

I don't know if I'll ever venture into buying clothing from thrift stores. Mostly because I'd be worried about that musty smell that I always associate with thrift stores.
This might just change my mind though, it's so pretty!

Are you a thrifter?


Faith said...

You should definitely do it! I LOVE thrifting! You're right about the prices though, sometimes you have to be careful. The one I frequent often sells their clothes for more than something brand new.

And that musty smell usually comes out in the wash. ;-)

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

I started being more open to thrifting after reading posts with thrifting tips from some pro thrifting bloggers. Like, these are great: I'm still not huge on it, but I'll make a trip every so often.

Nav said...

I was very doubtful before going, but there are alot of bloggers who thrift and are great at it (look for outfits with tags still on and not worn!). I lvoe it! :)

Good luck!

xo Nav

shopfreak said...

@Faith: good to know about the musty smell!

@Audrey: thanks for the link..those are some good tips!

@Nav: forgot about focusing on NWT items!

Chris @ Granola2Glam said...

Thrifting gets my allergies flared up, but I've found some great stuff. Most of which I've shared on my blog.

greengirl said...

You might change your mind once you experience your first great score! I feel you on the $5 being a lot for belts but look at it this way: it's still not a lot and Goodwill uses that $5 for cool things like helping train people with disabilities or who have a criminal background and helping them find jobs. Your $5 will go to a better cause than just a regular store! And yes, laundry will make your score smell fresh :D