Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mellow Yellow

Coat: Marshalls $20
Dress: JCPenney 
Necklace: Kohls

The challenge today was to "dress up a coat" 
Freckles in April's Winter Challenge.  So I fancied up my hair-do and did a twist in the back. It did not cross my mind to take a pic of my twist, but then again,  
I'm not the expert fashion blogger.  I do try to remember to do more detail shots, but sometimes  
I'm just trying to get one good pic in while 1) dealing with the cold and 2) making sure the 
photog is not late to school.  This time, my lovely mom was my photographer so 

it was fun to get her involved in my new hobby. 

Did you check out the other outfits?

Freckles in April


Unpretentious Teacher said...

Yellow is beautiful on you! What a pretty coat. :)

LieselM said...

Love the whole look! The yellow necklace really pops.

Jennifer said...

Love this beautiful brightness!

Anne said...

Cute! I love bright coats for combating winter...

Andi said...

Love the bright yellow coat! It looks great with the print of your dress.

Sarah in Indiana said...

What a fun, sunny coat. I like how you picked up on the color with your necklace.

Kayla @ Freckles in April said...

Ditto all the above - that coat is a gorgeous color and so perfect on you! The necklace is awesome too.

Freckles in April

Laura said...

I love that coat! It's totally cute!

greengirl said...

Love the yellow with black and white! Love that dress. Too cute that the photog has to not be late for school!