Friday, February 10, 2012

Raiding mr. shopfreak

Hat: mr. shopfreak's
Vest: Charlotte Russe $5
Top: ?
Jeans: Target: free with coupon
Boots: $20 via Ross

Yay for having a husband who likes hats! Loving his winter hat, I'm sure he won't notice if it makes its way to my side of the closet. He never wears it anyway. 

Do you ever "borrow" your significant other's clothing?


Faith - Sweetened Style said...

That is such a cute hat! I love to borrow my husband's sweaters. :)

greengirl said...

Cute! Unfortunately I am 4'11 and my SO is 6'0, so usually all that ends up getting borrowed are sweatshirts to wear around the house.

caise said...

you look great! I love this hat!:)

Mary said...

Totally great hat!! I keep trying to find one that looks good on me, but to no avail!

preethi said...

I totally love stealing from the husband's closet - especially button downs! :)

lace, etc.