Sunday, January 12, 2014

Target Lover

Cardigan: Target $5
Shirt: Target $3 with coupon
Belt: Marshalls $1
Jeans: Forever 21 $14
Boots: Target $6

With all these Target coupons, I'm finding that I'm buying more and more clothing from there. The clothing is usually simple basics so it's been good for building up my winter wardrobe, but I probably need to start using the coupons for my gift stash.
 I just found out I bought two teal t-shirts recently!
I really should only buy, to up my fashion game!

(just found this post that I never scheduled)


H.A.F. Addict by Laurina W said...

Love your outfit!:)

S. said...

Your boots are so cute!!

P.S Visit my facebook page, you won my giveaway ;)