Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trumpet Skirts

Skirt: old
Bracelets: Claires $1 each
Earrings: Probably Claires too :)

I wore this skirt a few days before reading that trumpet skirts were back in fashion for Fall.
 I'm just ahead of my time! (More like, I hold on to stuff so long that they eventually come back in fashion :) I think this is still a pretty classic shape, though and 
I'll continue to wear it...who cares what Vogue says! 

I like to look at Vogue and Bazaar, but I just can't get into designer pricing. This is why I'll always be a People Stylewatch subscriber. It's the only magazine I'll "pay" full price for even
though I'm actually using my Amazon credits that I earn for free on Swagbucks.

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