Thursday, August 2, 2012

You're wearing rainboots with that?

Dress: Ross $0.50! 
Rainboots: Charlotte Russe $10 
Green Bracelet: c/o ShopLately
Yellow Bracelet: Sway, $2
Photographer: my BFF

Here's another set of pics that my best friend took. I'm not usually one to post multiple pictures of the same outfit, but she took such great pictures, 
I hope you'll indulge me just this once :)

BFF didn't get the look I was going for with my rainboots and another one of my ultimate bargain dresses, but I love it. It's one of those outfits in my head, that I wasn't sure
 I'd ever have the perfect weather or occasion to wear it. 
 I'm so happy the outfit lives in blogger land now!

(Participating in YOLO Mondays and I just found myself on ShopLately's Blog Lately? pinterest board :)


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What fun wellies!

Diana Mathias said...

Love the colors and the whole outfit!


Jersey Blogess said...

So I need your boots - they ardorable and would be perfect for today's weather - you look so cute.

Jane Squared said...

Fun look! I love the lace detail and brighter tones.

Jenny said...

I think you look really cute wearing this dress with rain boots, dear! The lace detail on the dress is really adorable and matching a sweet dress with wellies is just ADORABLE and super fun!


Lindsay said...

Oh I adore this look. And that cute. I can't believe it was only $.50! Love the rain boots with it!

Nikki said...

50 cents?!? For realllllzzz?! Eeeeek best buy ever?! And I think that the rainboots are super adorbs with it!
Nikki at

Jill said...

Such a pretty print. Love the yellow!

Dumb Mom said...

Cute boots! I bought a pair of rain boots in August while it was pouring. I've not gotten a chance to wear them again yet!

Sandy a la Mode said...

i REALLY want a pair of hunter boots!!

Sandy a la Mode

Danielle said...

What a cute dress, love all the lace details!

The Students Wife said...

50 cents!! that is a steal! I love it with your rain boots

Rachel from Love Built To Last said...

I think this is cute as a button!

Kim, USA said...

Yay love that boots!! Got to have one too it is the time of the year I like to wear one of those. Thanks for sharing.


Jenny said...

I have been wanting a pair of rainboots for a while, but it doesn't rain here very often! I need to move back to Oregon so I can have an excuse to get some :)
Thanks for linking up to Sunday Style!
Modern Modest Beauty

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Absolutely adorable. I'm a big fan of rain boots myself!

Sue xo

J and M said...

Stopping in from EBEW- I love the yellow rain boots! And I think they go perfectly with your gorgeous dress! :)