Saturday, June 30, 2012

101 Black Dresses

Dress: Charlotte Russe,, $5, 2011
Necklace: Coldwater Creek, free with coupon (was $11)
Pearl Earrings: gift from work
Bracelet: JCPenney, old
Shoes: Old Navy

"Her closet was filled with black dresses" 
My last installment in the #StyleMeSmartly challenge. I enjoyed it again this time and I'm hoping another fashion challenge pops up for July. 

 I've decided a while ago to curtail the purchases of black dresses because this quote fully pertains to me. This is one of my fave black dresses though because I'm crushing on full skirts these days. The back is lovely because it's open except for 2 bows. So cute to look at, but hard to wear. I wore this to work with a tank under and a white cardi over. 

I did a re-fashion on my necklace. Re-fashion is blogger talk for alteration, as I have gathered. At time of purchase, this necklace has two of the white cords, so as is, the bottom of this necklace would hit waist-level. Not cute. So I added a jump ring to one side and hook the clasp to that.  It's still a little long so I tied a knot in the back that's hidden under my hair. The other white cord will be re-fashioned into a bracelet when I get to it. I bought this necklace awhile back, but paid out of pocket for it. Since I have too many necklaces these days,  I returned it and rebought it months later when Coldwater Creek sent me a coupon for $25! Love them! 
I got the coupon just because I'm just a regular ole customer too! 

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Mimi said...

I love black dresses too! I feel like you can style them differently, so why not own at least a few?! Love the full skirt and the necklace!

Aesthetic Lounge

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dress and I love how you styled it with your gorgeous necklace!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That's a killer necklace! Thanks for being a part of Monday Mingle!

Sarah Hulbert Style said...

Way to refashion the necklace! It's so cool!!! ~Sarah

Jill said...

Wow! Fabulous necklace.

CC said...

Great job with the necklace! It definitely looks better shorter. ;)

Mae said...

Great style girl! Love the coral!
Visiting from Monday Mingle
following you now dear

Savvy Southern Chic said...

Adorable dress and great necklace!

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

you look stunning in that dress

Xo Megan

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

that's a wonderful dress! and the pop of red is just what it needed!

Pamela said...

Love that necklace! great look on you!
New follower - hope you can stop by and do the same

Tracy said...

I just got this necklace and was REALLY disappointed in the length!! Will see if I can do the same, your length is perfect!! :) Thank you so much for the idea!

Breanna said...

Love the necklace :) Too cute!

Lindsey A. Turner said...

cute and classy! love the necklace!